Welcome to Practical Creative Writing. My name is Grace Jolliffe. I am a writer and I live in Galway Bay, on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. I have created this site because I want to share my writing experience, as well as my writing, with you.

 If you are brand new to writing I suggest you start here, with my writing for beginners page  where you will find lots of practical tips and suggestions to get you started on your creative journey. What you won’t find is frills, fuss, hype or empty promises.


If you are looking for some original creative writing exercises to trigger fresh ideas then you are in the right place. I have years of teaching experience and have tried and tested my exercises with writing students of all ages. Try some of these creative writing exercises here. These will help clear your mind, sharpen your focus and free your imagination so you can write the story you want to write.


Writing is one of those jobs where the day you stop learning, or trying to improve, is the day you stop writing and start typing. So even if you are an experienced writer there is always something left to learn.  There are some really useful creative writing tips here. 


All writers are different and some of us have times when we cannot find the will to write. If this is an issue for you then I can help by showing you how to identify the root of the problem. I will also offer various solutions that suit your own individual needs. I have lots of tips on how to crush any type of writer’s block, so whatever the reason, you’ll soon be a productive writer again.

I really want this to be a safe and friendly place for writers to visit as well as a site with lots of great information and creative writing tips, so if you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear from you.


‘Writing Is The Most Fun You Can Have By Yourself’

Terry Pratchett

copyscape symbol© Grace Jolliffe

2 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Hi Grace,

    Fab site – very timely as I am planning my first fiction book :)

    I will certainly be back for some inspiration as I progress!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting. It’s great to find you again :)
      If you have any questions I can help you with please don’t hesitate.
      Best of luck with your first fiction book!

      All the best

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