A Happy Creative Writing Christmas

robin in a tangle of branches illustrating an article on creative writers and Christmas.It’s getting closer to Christmas and there will be some of you who will find yourself getting busy doing the Christmas shopping and decorating.

For writers this can mean having less and less time to write.

However, there is still a lot to be said for short bursts of writing.

You might find a spare ten minutes or so whilst traveling.

Or, by getting up ten minutes earlier.

It is amazing to see just how much writing you can do in a short time.


Knowing that you only have a short time does wonders for the concentration and prevents your mind wandering.

You may have heard the expression that ‘work expands to fit the time available,’ well I believe this to be true.

You can often get more done in a spare half hour with a clock ticking than you can when you have a free day.

Whether you use a spare ten minutes to write some more of a longer piece, or to try out something different or new, doesn’t matter.

Every time you write you are practicing your craft and this is what is important.


walker-on-shoreIf you are a regular visitor here you will already know that I am a great believer in exercises, both of the physical and mental variety.

I love to walk and swim but for creativity you can’t beat writing exercises and have lots of writing exercises on the site.

If you have a half an hour to spare – you could try these.


Once the shopping and preparations are over you and the actual holiday begins you may indeed find yourself with more free time.

You might even get bored eating all those Christmas goodies and vegetating in front of the television.


If you usually spend a lot of time writing this may be a good time to spend reading. Reading is vital to writers.

A good habit to get into is to write a few notes about the book when you are finished.

I don’t mean a review or critique as such, although I do encourage you to review books as it is very hard for writers to sell books without reviews.

In this case what I mean is for you to write about what you liked and disliked about the book in a constructive way.

So for example, instead of just writing that you didn’t like the main character – write down how you would have written a better character.

What would you have done to improve the story? What would you add or subtract?

In other words you are being constructive and in this way you are working and developing your own writer’s mind.

Learning in this way will benefit your own writing enormously.

I hope you do manage to do some creative writing over the holiday and don’t forget you can find lots of writing exercises on this page here.

Best of luck with your writing and have a great Christmas and holiday.


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