A Story for Halloween and Other Scary Stuff

spooky Halloween hand illustrating an article about Halloween and other scary stuff - for writersIt’s that time of year again and I hope you’re all busy writing. I know I am.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.

It happens to all writers.

It’s all to do with marketing.

I love writing but hate marketing.

Problem is if you want to be an independent writer then you have to market – whether you like it or not.

So why do I hate marketing?

Probably because I am shy by nature and marketing involves a lot of trumpet blowing – your own.

Funny… I don’t mind blowing the trumpet for others, but when it comes to blowing my own I practically blush when I even post a notice about my books on Facebook.

Yet most people are encouraging when I do it. Those that aren’t… well at least they just scroll past.

Most people understand that independent writers or Indies as some of us like being called, don’t have the resources that the big publishers have.

All we can do is post news about our books on Facebook and G+ and other social media, and maybe even buy a few budget promotions here and there – it’s not easy but we have to do it.

Remember, you may be advertising your own work someday soon so next time you see a little advert from an Indie why not give it a like or even a share.

It only takes a second and even if you don’t buy a book from them it helps to get their work seen by more people.

If you’ve been visiting this site for a while you’ll know I post lots of free information and tips for writers.

Talking about marketing…

You may not know that I have a book out there for writers. It’s called Practical Creative Writing Exercises.

Book cover - Practical Creative Writing Exercises by Grace Jolliffe illustrating an article about illustrating an article about Halloween and other scary stuff - for writersAnd here’s my brand new cover – I hope you like it.

The book has helped loads of writers who struggled with writer’s block, stuck for ideas – or generally just didn’t know how or where to start.

I have kept the price low – less than a coffee so if you want to kick-start your writing career download your copy of Practical Creative Writing Exercises and start writing now.

Don’t forget if you have any writing problems or questions I’m always here to help.

I love helping writers. I actually taught writing for years but now I teach from this website.

So, don’t be shy, say hello in the comments below and tell me what you’re up to. I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes


P.S. Nearly forgot my story for Halloween – to celebrate I’ve made The Real Halloween absolutely free!

A STORY FOR HALLOWEENBook cover from The Real Halloween by Grace JolliffeDOWNLOAD NOW

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