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Keeping a diary is important to most writers. Some use it for ideas and notes about events in their life, others just for appointments and deadlines. You might expect a writer’s diary to be just about writing but as all writers will tell you, our writing is fed by the events of our lives –whether we like it, or know it, or not.

With that in mind I decided to start a writer’s diary section as a place for me to write about the other stuff that goes on in my life – not everything of course, I’m far too shy. No, what I mean is a place where I write about the stuff that I know feeds and influences my ideas and my writing – the real stuff.

It may seem a bit late in the year to start a writer’s diary but after suffering serious leg injuries in an accident last December, most of this year has been about recovering and regaining my mobility.

After two surgeries I have gradually worked my way from a wheelchair to where I am now – hobbling around the house on one crutch. I won’t pretend this was in any way inspiring – to be honest, for a woman who loves hill walking, and moved to the countryside to be close to the hills, this year has been mostly hellish.

I didn’t much feel like writing a whole lot about this experience, so I saved my energy for MISTY FIELDmy fiction stories and writing the posts for this site.  Still, when you can look out your window and see this view life is still beautiful and today I have regained some mobility and with it has come a renewed burst of energy – plus it’s spring.

Okay so spring may only last a day or two in Galway but who cares? Spring is spring and what better way to start a writer’s diary?

So without any further ado here it is.  I hope you like it or at least that it inspires you to start your own.

1. Guess what I found buried under the patio.

2. My first online book publishing project.

3. My own little muse.

4. Staying motivated when the writing’s on the wall

5. Inspired by Nature

6. Bullying – a recurring theme.

7. Exercise for writers – my adult trike.

8. How stories about bullying can help.

9. Equal Rights.

10. To twerk or not to tweak?

11. Write Crit Lit.

12. Halloween Stories. 

13. Leave Our Bits Alone


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