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Over the years I have come to rely on walking, swimming and yoga for my daily dose of endorphins. I really enjoy all these activities as does my husband. We even chose to live close to the Burren in Galway so we could live among the hills where we love to walk.

However, I had an accident a couple of years ago and I broke my leg in several places. I needed two operations and some hardware to tie it all back together again and I wasn’t able to walk for several months.

I used to swim three times a week but I wasn’t able to drive there any more and even when I got a lift I found getting in and out of a swimming pool and navigating the slippy changing room was so much hassle it took the enjoyment out of swimming all together.

Losing the enjoyment made swimming pointless to me. I strongly feel that whatever exercise you do – you should enjoy it.

I don’t think it should take will power, motivation, chants, devotion, prayer, bribery or coercion to get us out exercising.  I believe we should want to do it for the sheer enjoyment of it, or the hell of it, depending on your favoured activity.

In other words, exercise should be a by-product of an activity you love – otherwise you will eventually stop.  So this year the only exercise I have been getting has been walking but unfortunately I can no longer walk at a decent speed. It is great to be able to walk and I thank my lucky stars I still can but frankly I missed the endorphin rush I used to get from walking fast for whatever distance I chose. Then everything changed – I got myself an adult trike.

My cousin in Liverpool got one and began posting pictures of herself on Facebook, riding around on it. She was having a whale of a time and it inspired me to see her having so much fun.

She doesn’t have a disability, she just loves cycling the trike. Most people who ride a trike have no physical problems, or injuries, in fact many of those riding a trike also enjoy riding ordinary two-wheelers – they just love the extra enjoyment of riding the adult trike. The stability you get from the extra wheel makes you feel very relaxed as you cycle.

I used to cycle regularly but I didn’t get my coordination or confidence back. I now have some foot problems and the trike seemed like perfect solution. When my husband offered to get me one for my birthday I was delighted.


woman on a trike

Since I got my trike I can honestly say my life has changed. I can cycle my trike at a speed that gives me the endorphin rush I so need. The trike also provides non-weight-bearing exercise while still building up strength and speed. As you can see in the photograph above my little dog, Eppie loves traveling in the basket and my German Shepherd, Sheba enjoys running along side.

I am now riding my adult trike every day – down to the little bay at the end of the lane where I live. It’s over two miles there and back and I can do this easily on my trike even though I can’t yet walk that far. I also feel safer on the trike because cars give you more room on the road than they do on the two-wheeler. The best thing about riding my trike is that the exercise clears my head and helps give me the clarity and mental focus I need for concentrating on my creative writing.

PS. I enjoy riding my trike so much that I have decided to be an affiliate. I can assure you I would never be an affiliate for any product I do not personally use and love.


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