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old sketch of woman reading illustrating a post about an author's choice of books.I read a lot of books and have done since I can remember. Since the advent of e Readers I mostly enjoy reading from a Kindle.

I also listen to a lot of audio books using earphones plugged in to my Kindle. I love listening to these last thing at night and I find they help me sleep. Though it is a complete pain in the neck when I fall asleep reading one and can’t find my place the next day!


I know a lot of people prefer to hold, smell a book etc., but for me the pure convenience of being able to download samples of books and try them out for free beats the hell out of any romantic notions about the look/smell/feel of books.


I have three methods of selecting the books I want to read. The first method is quite deliberate.  I go through the book reviews in my favorite newspapers at the weekend and download samples of the ones that interest me.

By the end of the weekend I may have downloaded quite a few samples. I must admit I have quite a long reading list of these samples and I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough free time to read my way through it.


Because of the sheer volume of samples I download I am quite ruthless when it comes to deciding which of those to buy. If I am absolutely dying to read the rest of the book then I will buy it. If not I will move on and read the next sample.

Another way I buy books is on recommendation from a friend. I don’t take all recommendations but if what the friend tells me about the book interests me enough I will download a sample and try it.


I also sometimes buy books by people I have met on social media, but only if I have found what they say interesting enough to make me curious about their writing.

This is rare to be honest as so many authors on social media say nothing of interest, but merely just appear occasionally to disseminate news of their own publication dates, rankings, how much money they’ve made etc. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but if that’s all they say it’s simply not enough to make me want to read their work.


I am afraid I don’t take review requests from writers at the moment for two reasons. One is that I prefer writing to reviewing. I do review my books and other purchases on Amazon etc., but only those books I have chosen for myself.

There are plenty of professional and not so professional critics around without me attempting to join the pack so I don’t write about those books I have read and disliked, or have judged badly written. I prefer to forget about those, unless there is something that particularly irked me.

woman reading illustrating a post about an author's choice of books.TREASURING MY PLEASURE

The other reason I don’t take review requests is that I am snowed under with work at the moment. My free time is scarce and I treasure it. For that reason I prefer to read books for pleasure only and I find I get much more pleasure from books I have selected myself.

So, having said all that – why have I decided to introduce a ‘Books I Am Reading’ section to my site? Well as my subscribers will already know, I recently introduced a ‘What Am I Reading’ section to my newsletters. This is where I chat briefly and informally about whatever book I am currently reading.

The feedback from this has been great and so many of you have taken the time to write to me about you experienced the books I mentioned that I decided to expand the idea to the site and tell you about the books I am reading here as well.


Where available – I am placing a kindle preview app on the pages so you can try a sample of the books I mention for free and I hope that if you go ahead and buy the books that you will come back to me and tell me how you got on.

So that’s all. As with the newsletters I’m keeping my favorite book pages simple, informal and chatty with just a brief synopsis of why it made it on to my favorites list.


1. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

white owl illustrating a post about an author's choice of books.



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