A Story For Cats And About Cats.

lots-of-cats-in-kitchenI have just finished writing a new family story called Maggie-Many-Cats And The Cat That Flew In The Window. Maggie is one of the characters from my fictional town of Ballyyahoo and as you might have guessed her house is not full of camels.

I wrote this story as a fundraiser. My daughter, Louise Cardiff, her friend, Kerri Hempenstall and her team of volunteers run a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) charity called Greystones Kitty Hostel to help rescue and neuter Ireland’s growing number of abandoned and feral cats.


The problem has been escalating since Ireland’s recession.  As unfortunately more and more people have been abandoning their cats. With cats having several litters per year the numbers are out of control.

This is why TNR is so important. Raising funds to meet the cost involved is important as there are the vet fees as well as the care of the cats to be paid for.  This is where Maggie-Many-Cats And The Cat That Flew In The Window comes in – as profits from the sale of the book will go towards paying vet fees and ongoing costs involved with the care of the cats like food and medicines etc.

The volunteers involved in TNR are a very dedicated and hardworking bunch and are always kept busy with auctions, sponsored walks, craft sales etc. I wanted to do my bit to help and since I am not very good at baking, or knitting so I decided the best thing I could do would be to write a story.

Of course you can’t do these things all on your own and I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful Suzie Hunt who designed the lovely ‘catiful’ cover, and Neil O’Donnell, the brilliant editor who so very kindly donated his services.


A very funny story for cat-lovers of all ages – about a crazy-cat-lady who lives in a house filled with musical cats in the magical town of Ballyyahoo in Ireland.

Maggie-many-cats loves her cats and loves her chocolate, in that order. Mostly she’s a peaceful woman but she does still enjoy the odd feud, especially with Biddy – the woman who might just be the witch of Ballyyahoo.


One day, Maggie finds a strange cat in her garden. She thinks it’s just another lost cat because her house is like a lost cat magnet but this cat is far from lost. This cat is a very special cat who knows exactly what she wants and exactly where to find it. When Maggie learns just what this cat can do she thinks she’s going mad! Everyone knows cats can’t fly but then Catleesha’s not an ordinary cat.


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