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man writing at desk illustrating an article on building a websiteBuilding a website was something I wanted to do for a long time.

Although I made a few attempts over the years I never managed to finish it.

My reasons for not developing a site before now were always the same – I was just too busy.

Besides family stuff, I also combined writing with part-time teaching & lecturing work.


Ireland like most of the world was hit badly by the recession.

At the time the recession hit here I had just moved from one side of the country to the other.

Shortly after I broke my leg and found myself without any of the part-time work teaching work I had used to supplement my income.

This turned out to be a rather mixed blessing as I have found myself doing something I had always wanted to do – that is, working full-time on my writing.

However, I did say mixed blessing… the problem is that the recession also reduced the amount of opportunities and outlets for writing, as well as increasing my available time.
man with sign will write for food illustrating an article on building a website

I realized I would have to compete in an increasingly dwindling market.

When recession hits pay goes down.

Competing in an arena where desperate writers are willing to work for less and less money while their bills get bigger wasn’t appealing.

I wanted to try something new.

I decided to try my hand in the ever-expanding market that the Internet has become.

I started by doing a course in a specific method of building a website called SBI.

However, I was unhappy with the site I developed using that system and didn’t like feeling dependent on just one company for everything to do with the site.

I decided to investigate and compare other methods and templates.

I looked at different systems, but they were either too complex or time-consuming to learn, or they were again, dependent on a particularly company.

I had heard a lot about WordPress and found a lot of info and great easy-to-follow tutorials on the SiteGround site.

If you want to learn how to make some extra money from your blog Pat Flynn will tell you how on his brilliant blog here.

Having used WordPress for a couple of years now I can honestly say I find it really writer-friendly.

Here are my three main reasons why:


I love the fact that WordPress is so easy to install.

Since techno-speak isn’t my first language I was especially happy to find Pat’s video as well as lots of other easy to follow tutorials and help all over the Internet.


I found there is a plugin for everything you want to do and more importantly they are easy to install and use.

You can get plugins that help you with SEO (search engine optimization) and plugins that prevent spam.

In fact, there is a huge range of plugins that do virtually everything you want.


I really was unhappy with my previous theme and when I saw the choices available to use with WordPress I knew I had to change.

You can get choose from free themes or you can use paid ones.

I started with free themes and then as the site grew bigger I changed to a paid one.

There a huge variety available to suit different needs and requirements.

What’s great about it is that if you get fed up with one theme you change it in seconds.

You can learn more about WordPress here.


Of course, writing stories is what matters most to me.

But I also love sharing my experience and knowledge with other writers as well.

So, building a website about Creative Writing gave me the opportunity to share information with others.

I wanted to share practical and useful information as well as help people generate ideas.

I was able to share my many writing exercises I had used with my own students over the years.

practical creative writing book cover illustrating an article about building a websiteThe feedback I received inspired me to write a book of writing exercises.

I have been equally inspired by the feedback I have received from readers. My book is called Practical Creative Writing Exercises

The income from the site is the ideal replacement for those teaching jobs I used to do.

The world is changing rapidly and we writers need to keep up. More and more writers are finding it necessary to have a website.

Some writers still resist the idea, but it is important.

Writers are expected to have an Internet presence.

Unless you already a millionaire writer who doesn’t need to make any more money it makes financial sense as well.

Writers can use their sites to sell their books and engage with readers. Many of whom expect to be able to look up their favourite writers on the net.

The least a writer can do is to have an author site with their book details, an About Me page and even a small blog.

I also created a small author site here.

I share background information about my books there and have a small blog where I share stories about my life and background.

The more you share the more people will be interested in you.

So, if you are a writer who is still just thinking about a website I’d recommend taking that jump. It’s much easier than you think.

If I can do it anyone can. Just remember to keep your main focus on writing.

Best wishes


P.S. All the information on this site is free for you. All I ask in return is that you like, share or comment. Questions are also welcome and I always reply.







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