SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS As always there is a lot of discussion about self-published books in the media – social and otherwise. The discussion seems to swing widely between two quite distant poles. There are those who are for it, generally self-publishers, and those who are against it, generally conventional self-publishers. Both sides are exchanging a great […]

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The Copy Editor

WHAT DOES A COPY EDITOR DO? The copy editor, sometimes called a line editor, carries out a close concentrated inspection of the text, They seek out the ‘smaller’ errors such as grammatical, spelling, typing errors and incorrect wording etc. Some writers write very fast while others are much slower, and perhaps more methodical workers. They may stop […]

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 SELF-PUBLISHING AND DIGITAL IMPRINTS If you are going down the digital self-publishing route there’s a lot to think about. Do you want to arrange editing, proofs, line editing, covers, and marketing? Yes? Then there is plenty of helpful information for you here. If your answer is no? Then my advice is to stay with, or seek out conventional […]

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