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‘Happy Face’ is the next of my children’s stories that I am going to publish.  Like my other children’s stories it was originally broadcast on RTE Radio One, here in Ireland.

I have adapted ‘Happy Face’ as an eStory and now that the editing process is complete I will be publishing soon. I will publish to Kindle initially and then on to Create Space.

If you have visited this site before you will know that earlier I had  a bit of a dilemma regarding the images for this story.

I had commissioned two sets from two different artists and was not sure which to choose.  I had a lot of help from many of the great people who visit here and I am now 99.9% sure which of the sets of images I am going to use.

You can preview those images here and if you have any comments or thoughts on the images I would love to hear from you.

Before you look at the cover images below I suggest you have a quick read of the synopsis. I am aiming to have the cover suggest the themes and flavour of the story.

Happy Face - Synopsis
Samantha is a nine-year-old girl whose mum and dad have split up. Samantha’s dad has gone to live in Spain and even though Samantha misses him terribly she also misses her mother’s happy face.

All she wants is for her dad to come home and for them all to be a family of three again – the way they always were.

Samantha thinks her Dad’s just forgotten about them and that all it will take is a reminder, then he will come home and they will all be happy together again.

But nobody will take Samantha to Spain. Her mum says her dad has had his chance and aunty Eileen says they have to move on and go forwards but Samantha doesn’t want to move forward, she only wants to go backwards, back to when her dad was there and her mum still had a Happy Face.

So when her mischievous cousin, Rosalie, finds a Ouija board hidden in the attic Samantha decides to try and make contact with her dad by trying to conjure up a little bit of magic.


At the moment I am working with cover designers and I now have three covers I am considering.

I am pretty sure I will rule out one of the three completely but the jury’s still out on the other two.

I will keep my own thoughts on the images to myself for the moment but I am really interested to hear your comments and insights.  I have called them Cover 1, Cover 2 and Cover 3.





















I hope you like at least one of these images.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to say hello in the comments below and tell me what you think.

Many thanks,


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