Football Crazy


Football Crazy is a warmhearted and story specially written to help children and families cope with the loss of a loved one.

Jimmy, his Dad, and Grandad are absolutely Football Crazy. They all love to watch football, talk football and play football.

A football from children's storiesThen one day, Grandad doesn’t want to come to the match. He is in a very, very grumpy mood and soon everyone’s worried about him. Why doesn’t Grandad care about football any more?
Things get worse, something terrible happens and nobody’s football crazy any more. With Grandad gone and his Mum and Dad grieving Jimmy thinks it’s up to him to get his family back in the game again.


Writing children’s short stories can be challenging as well as fun. A few years ago I was a regular contributor for RTE Radio One’s children’s Fiction Fifteen series.

A football from children's storiesDuring this period I wrote over twenty children’s short stories and each one was narrated by an actor, recorded and broadcast on Sunday evenings.

The stories have contemporary themes and issues that are relevant to real children and because the stories often address difficult family situations many parents asked me if it was possible to buy them in story form. Unfortunately, the stories were under contract at the time so it wasn’t possible.

I am happy to say that this has now changed and I have been working on adapting my children’s short stories for publication.  I am delighted to announce that some of them are now available on Amazon Kindle.


A football from children's storiesThe reason I wrote ‘Football Crazy’ is not because I am football fan. No, despite being brought up in Liverpool I would never be considered a fan.

But… Football Mad isn’t just about football. Football is the subject, but really the story revolved around the themes of family, love and grief.

The family in Football Crazy all go to football matches together. Football is like the glue that binds them. They all look forward to it and in this context football is really about them being together and having fun as a family.


When Grandad dies, fun is the last thing they want and football is forgotten in the face of tragedy.

Before the loss of their beloved Grandad, the game was a barometer of fun but sadly,  now it becomes a barometer of grief.

A football from children's storiesThe youngest member of the family, Jimmy, doesn’t understand this at first and does everything he can think of to help get the family to reunite over a game of football.

Jimmy learns that time is great healer when over time football turns out to be a powerful force for healing as well as once again becoming a source of fun that unites the family.

If you and your family enjoy reading football stories you will find another story –  Football Mad here.

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