The Little Book Of Swinging On A Gate

‘The Little Book Of Swinging On a Gate’ is a short story for children from the ‘Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo,’ series. The stories are set in the tiny but magical town of Ballyyahoo.

Ballyyahoo is Ireland’s best-kept secret and it stays well hidden between the mountains and the ocean. Only the people who live there know where it is, and they buried every single signpost as deep as they could –  in the bog of Ballyyahoo.


Ballyyahoo is one of the best places on earth to live.  There’s the ocean, beaches, fields, rivers, lakes, brilliant bogs and the mountains.  Most people find loads of great stuff to do and never, ever get bored. That is, except one person, and his name is Gerry Mac.

Gerry Mac spends all day swinging on a gate. He’s too bored to do anything else. He is so very bored that he’s bored with being bored. Yet, Gerry is also so bored that he’s far too bored to have ideas.

Gerry’s mother is as mad as you can be. She’s fed up seeing Gerry swinging on the gate.  Like most mothers of bored kids Gerry’s mother’s got lots of ideas  but Gerry doesn’t like  her ideas. He knows all his mother’s ideas are about making him do some work and Gerry doesn’t want to do any work because that would mean getting off the gate.

boy-diggingIn the end, Gerry doesn’t have a choice. His mother wants him go make his way over to old Paddy Plant’s place and do some work.

Old Paddy Plant’s got lots of ideas and he’d love to bring back slavery for children. He wants his garden dug and he wants Gerry to work like a slave until the digging’s done.

Gerry hates working in old Paddy Plant’s slave camp but soon something very shocking happens and Gerry’s life begins to change in some very surprising ways.

Prior to becoming available on Amazon Kindle, ‘The Little Book Of Swinging On A Gate’ was  first broadcast on RTE Radio One in Ireland.

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