Choosing a Book Cover Creator

ook cover - Practical Creative Writing Exercises by Grace Jolliffe illustrating an article about Choosing a book cover creatorChoosing a book cover creator can be a challenging decision.

If you are self-publishing the task falls to you.

There are many elements to take into consideration.

First, you need to think about your book genre.

Find successful books in your genre and look at their covers.

Book covers must convey the genre correctly, or you will be misleading readers.

After that, you must decide whether to use a designer or book cover creator to work on your cover from start to finish, or you could select a premade cover.

To make your decision consider your time and budget.

Working with a book cover creator from start to finish can take a lot of time and money.

I worked with a designer on this book and it took a lot of discussion back and forth. Many weeks were spent looking at images and ideas.

When I decided to update my book Practical Creative Writing Exercises I didn’t have much time available so I decided to select a premade cover.


I wasn’t happy with the old cover on this book and had always meant to replace it but with so much else to do it fell down my list of priorities.

ook cover - Practical Creative Writing Exercises by Grace Jolliffe illustrating an article about Choosing a book cover creatorI found the book cover creator through a writer’s Facebook group and the designer, James at GoOnWRite, was highly recommended.

He has a great variety of wonderful covers on his site and you can browse by genre.

What’s great about his site is that he has made it fun to browse by giving his covers some extremely funny titles.

I chose this cover firstly because it is a classic design.

My book falls firmly into the ‘creativity and writing’ category.

I needed a cover which differentiates mine from the huge amount of books in the ‘sell more books’ category.

My book puts the writing first and is aimed at writers who want to improve their writing skills, not their marketing skills – there are other books for that.

For that reason I wanted a classy image.

I liked the image of the balled up paper – conveying the image of a writer throwing out ideas and struggling to come up with more.

Obviously, the pencil is an iconic image which leaves no doubt that this book is about writing.

I also liked the subtle shades in the colour and the way it graduated from dark to light and back again throughout the image – very much the writers journey.

Practical Creative Writing Exercises was written to help writers generate ideas, break writers block and provide solutions to the problems writer’s face. I think this cover gets the message across.

I was happy with my experience using a premade cover but there are other ways to find a book cover creator or designer.

I wrote about my experience holding a cover competition at 99 Designs here.

Practical Creative Exercises is packed full of exciting and original writing exercises that will demolish your excuses for not writing and get you started on your story.

Write now!







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