Choosing A Book Cover Designer

I came across the designer, Pintado at while going through the process of choosing a designer at 99designs.com

At the time I was looking for a new design for my book, Piggy Monk Square.

I had one main idea for the cover but was very interested in seeking new ideas from different designers.

The problem was getting new ideas from many different designers would have been very expensive so when I heard about 99designs I was very excited.

They enable you to run a contest where artists can submit designs and you get to choose the winner.

I had researched the idea and decided to go with it.

The first day I opened the contest there were few entries and I was very worried.

What if nobody entered? I needn’t have fretted, soon there were entries flowing in and I stopped worrying about not having enough entries and began to worry about having too many entries.

It took a few weeks for me to whittle them, through a process of elimination, down to a short list and during this time I thought constantly about the designs I was seeing.

I ran some polls to see other views and eliminated them gradually, testing each one against my own criteria until eventually I was down to my final six.

girl-on-book-coverPintado was among them.

The entries were close and it was a hard decision but his design was compelling.

That was exactly what I had said I wanted when I opened the competition and the face he chose for his design was so compelling it is hard to forget.

Pintado proved to be a very capable as well as helpful designer.

I am sure you will agree the design is compelling.


Pintado is a professional illustrator/ graphic artist with four years experience working in the U.S. Based publishing company, Authors. Solutions Inc.

He is experienced in Tradebook covers, Picture book covers and interior layout design. He is also proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design.

Pintado is now working freelance and has a particular interest in catering to authors who need professional graphic designs. You can contact Pintado at www.pintado.weebly.com



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