Christmas In Ballyyahoo

Ballyyahoo is a tiny, magical town in Ireland.

Christmas in Ballyyahoo was going to be the best one ever, until Santa and Rudolph show up on Christmas Eve and take all the presents away!


It’s up to two boys, Kevin and Gerry, to save Christmas.

The boys set off on their bikes, desperately seeking Santa, but they get lost in the woods near the terrible town of Ballyuseless.

Kevin and Gerry soon begin to wish they’d stayed at home.

Santa and Rudolph are not all they appear to be.

They are two wicked villains dressed up as Santa and Rudolph.

They have no intention of wishing anyone a happy Christmas, especially not anyone from Ballyyahoo.

The only thing they want to wrap up for Christmas is Kevin and Gerry!

When the two boys find themselves locked in a box, on a boat, in the middle of the Irish Sea, there’s only one person can help them.

The desperate boys need help – magic help.

But will the wonderful Witch of Ballyyahoo get to them in time?


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