Christmas Stories

Christmas stories have always been a big part of Christmas for me.

When I was little, I used to love reading funny stories about Santa getting stuck in the chimney, or losing his way, or running out of presents.

All those little ‘Santa’s little mishap’ type stories were great fun.

I would read the same Christmas stories every year.

I remember those little tales made me feel all cosy and Christmassy, though I did used to pray nothing would happen to the real Santa!


So with those memories I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing the first of my own Christmas stories.

christmas stockings illustrating christmas storiesI set my story in Ballyyahoo which is my fictional town. The location of the town is secret but I can tell you that it’s hidden somewhere along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Ballyyahoo is now home to a whole series of children’s stories.

Each story links to the Ballyyahoo website.

When you own a Ballyyahoo eBook you get a whole host of free stories, information about the nature and wildlife of Ballyyahoo and photographs as well.


The story takes place one Christmas Eve when instead of leaving gifts a wicked Santa and his crooked sidekick, Rudolph, steal all the presents instead.
Two boys Gerry and Kevin find out about this theft but their efforts to track down the villains lead them into trouble – big trouble.
Desperate for help they call on Biddy, the crime-fighting witch of Ballyyahoo to save the day.
But, by now the boys are trapped in a box, on a boat, in the middle of Irish sea. Will Biddy come to the rescue in time?

When I wrote Christmas in Ballyyahoo I wanted it to be as funny and as cosy and as Christmassy as it could be.

I also wanted it be easy to read aloud, so all the family could enjoy it.

The reviews have been great! Here’s what one mum said:

“Christmas in Ballyyahoo is a very funny story. Two boys chase after a rogue, present-stealing Santa and get lost along the way. We all had a great laugh reading it. It was lovely hearing about the magical town of Ballyyahoo in Ireland and the big Christmas party that everyone in the whole town goes to. I loved the one man-band playing his own homemade musical instruments like the rake and wheelbarrow.

There is a real sense of community about Ballyyahoo and having a crime fighting witch keeping them all safe is a great idea – a lovely change from all those old-fashioned witches. The witch of Ballyyahoo is contemporary, nice and kind and looks after everyone. She has also dispensed with the old-fashioned broom and instead she has a very unusual mode of transport, which I won’t name here, as I don’t want to spoil the story, which would be a shame.

The other great thing about the Ballyyahoo stories is that the town has its own website and you can go there and read even more stories about Ballyyahoo. You can also go and learn about the nature and wildlife of Ballyyahoo as well. We love the Ballyyahoo stories and can’t wait to read more.”

I hope you and your family enjoy Christmas in Ballyyahoo and don’t forget the story links to more great stories on the Ballyyahoo website – so the fun doesn’t end with the book.

Happy Christmas.







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