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burning tree from Sleeping With Satan, a ghost story by Grace JolliffeGhost stories have always intrigued me ever since when as a child I used to sit up late watching the Hammer House of Horror with my mother. I was probably about seven or eight years old.

You might think my mother shouldn’t have let me watch at that tender age but she told me how actors got dressed up and pretended to be ghosts, ghouls, vampires etc and explained to me that the blood in films wasn’t real. It was only ketchup or red ink.

I could see the resemblance of that film blood to ketchup and red ink so I was never afraid watching those old films. Although it did rather spoil me for horror films when I grew up.

As an adult now, I can see the fake blood and synthetic gore in the films I watch so I find it hard to become fully immersed enough to get a really good scare.

A good scare is all we really want from our horror films and books isn’t it?  A good scare or a good laugh – the film Scream being a good example of both. In these jaded times where we’ve seen everything the special effects and CGI departments of contemporary films can throw at us I think a lot of us prefer a bit of humor with the horror. It’s hard to take it seriously if it’s too serious – if you know what I mean.

I personally haven’t seen a film that scared me in a long time and for that reason I prefer to read ghost and horror stories. I have written a few of these over the next few months I will be sharing them here.

I think that we all have a certain tolerance level for gore and that level varies from person to person. Generally though I think the more you watch they more you tolerate.

Anyway I can’t speak for you, but in my opinion I have kept the gore level reasonably low in the first of these ghost stories and I decided to err on the side of humor rather than go for all out for horror.

This first story was going to be titled ‘One Night In Heaven’ but once the idea for the title ‘Sleeping With Satan’ came into my head I quickly changed my mind.

If you’ve read down this far you must like to read a ghost story and I am happy you did. I am asking people to subscribe only to reduce the risk of copyright theft but don’t worry because your email is safe with me and I never spam.

You’ll see the subscription window up on the right. I hope you enjoy: ‘Sleeping With Satan.’

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