In case you’re wondering why there’s a piece about horse burgers in the middle of a blog about creative writing, let me explain.

You see, here in Ireland we are continually being bombarded with more and more horsey stories and as a writer I just can’t ignore it any longer, not to mention the fact that I’m surrounded by horses and cows here in Galway.

funny picture of three little ponies as micro meals

In fact, horse jokes have been galloping around the Internet since the story first broke. Let’s face it, this story’s got legs – strong, long legs…

Years ago, I heard someone in the industry describe the contents of burgers as the ‘gunge’ that gets hosed down and sucked off an animal’s carcass by high-powered machines – after the meat (loose description) has been taken.

From then on I decided not to eat any minced or processed meat products.  Little did we know that the old story about cheap food giving you the ‘trots’ would turn out to be so very near the bone!


A lot of people are saying they don’t mind the idea of eating horsemeat at all. For some people meat is meat, whether it’s a cow, a pig, or a horse! Fair enough, but shouldn’t we be getting what we pay for?

funny image of a cow hearing the news about horse burgers

When I buy an apple I don’t want a pear. When I buy a jumper I don’t want a cardigan and when I buy a pig I don’t want a spokesperson from the meat industry.

What do you think about the horse meat scandal?  I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now. Grace


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2 Responses to HORSE BURGERS

  1. Adrienne Casey February 20, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    This made me laugh Grace, well put, thank you. So true though we should really be told what is in our food honestly and let us be the judge of whether we buy it or not. The meat suppliers should never take their customers for granted or cheat them either, it has done them no favours, people will loose jobs over this…

  2. Grace February 21, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Thanks Adrienne, it sure is turning out to be the joke that keeps on getting jokier. The good thing is that more people are supporting their local butchers now instead of going to the big chain supermarkets.

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