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blue sky and G.B. Shaw quote illustrating an article on inspiration for writersI have always found this George Bernard Shaw quote inspiring.

But, only if I add a little comma after the word creating.

You see I don’t believe that the creation of a ‘self’ is a purpose in life.

I believe the true purpose of life is to create something.


If you spend time making, or creating something tangible then you will find yourself more in touch with you are and who you were meant to be.


You can create, or make anything you want. It can be art, a design, a house, an experiment, it doesn’t always have to be writing.

For me though, it is writing and only writing.

I love writing and telling stories. I believe it is my primary purpose in life.

bee on scabious flower illustrating an article about inspiration for writersWhen I am not writing I am outside in the garden. I find working in the garden to be a huge source of joy as well as inspiration.

By spending my time creating my stories and working in my garden I believe I am closer to being my true self.

I have spent a lot of time in the past working at jobs I didn’t enjoy, in fact there were some jobs I truly could not stand – shoving thousands of metal pins in plastic boxes full of pin-shaped holes anyone?


But I live in the real world and I had to do jobs I hated, or that bored me, in order to survive financially.

Good or bad, these experiences informed who I am now.

But I don’t believe the ‘me’ who did those things represents the ‘real me’ or my ‘true self.’

To do those jobs I had to hide the ‘real me’ or she would have been mocked, or sacked for being  ‘up her own arse’ or ‘thinking above her station,’ etc.

Thankfully those days are over and apart from the odd nightmare I like to think they are behind me.


Today I am the real me. I make up stories and work at creating a garden out of my Galway wilderness.

My opinion is that the creation of a ‘self’ happens when you are engaged in a creative pursuit that you enjoy.

I find this idea much more inspiring than obsessing about oneself and talking about getting in touch with yourself etc.

I realize there are many who disagree but that’s okay, we are all entitled to our own thoughts and what you read here are just that – my thoughts.


I believe that it is creativity itself that creates inspiration – not the other way round.

The more you create, the more you will be inspired.

sedum flowers and pansies illustrating an article about inspiration for writersThink about those times when you created something and felt good. Didn’t it make you want to create more?

I know there is a whole industry of workshops and seminars you can attend where some guru person will pump you up with ‘inspiring words’ and leave you feeling inspired.

But, how long will that last? Long enough to write a book?

If they are so inspired themselves what are they doing lumping themselves from airport to airport, standing on platforms in hotels talking about inspiration?

Wouldn’t they be too busy creating?


What I do think is that lasting inspiration will follow the regular application of yourself to an activity you enjoy.

But, I am realistic enough to know that life has a habit of getting in the way.

If this is you and you are too worried, or distracted to do something creative, then don’t sit doing nothing and waiting for inspiration – it won’t come when you wait for it.


Instead of waiting for inspiration go for a walk. I have always found creativity and inspiration arrive to keep me company me when I am out and about walking.

This post about walking for inspiration explains how and why.

When you return from your walk, make yourself a cup of tea or whatever you like, then sit down and get writing straight away.

Don’t think about it – just write.

You don’t have to have the great story already formulated in your head, or have a stock of words ready to drop on the page in fully formed paragraphs.

All you need to do is write something, anything – write about who you met on your walk.

Make up something about what might have been happening inside any houses you passed.

If you do this regularly, I promise you your creative thinking skills will improve rapidly.

Inspiration will arrive and you’ll no longer care about finding your real self – you’ll already be real.

Bye for now.


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