0wlIf you have just landed on this page searching for kids story ideas please note that this page is a continuation of a kids story ideas activity I began on another post.   The story you see below is incomplete – as it is an example of a story I wrote using the children’s creative writing activity you can find in a post called how to find creative writing ideas for kids.

I did the activity myself and made up a little story as a quick example for you to see. I decided to use the picture of a horse you see below. I like the picture because the horse is unusual and seems quite friendly. This horse lives quite near me in Ballyyahoo in Galway.

I decided to call this horse, Eppy and I decided that her problem would be that she is fed up and lonely because she is on her own in the field. This is the children’s story I made up from doing this exercise myself.  You will soon see that finding kids story ideas is easy – once you know how.

Eppy’s Road Trip

Eppy is a beautiful horse who lives in a field near the sea in Galway. She likes her field and she likes the sea but recently the horses in the next field went away so she is on her own quite a lot.

One day she is really fed up. She wonders where the other horses went. She looks up and sees a horse-box going past. There are two horses peeping over the back and they look happy as though they are on the way to somewhere that would be lots of fun. She has heard about places where lots of horses are all together and Eppy wants to go there.

brown-horseThat night she walks around and around the field until she finds a gap in the hedge. She pushes it and pushes and eventually manages to get herself through the gap and out on to the road.

There are lots of cars on the road and Eppy is scared and she wonders if she should go back and stay in her own field where it’s quiet and peaceful and the sound of noisy engines doesn’t frighten her or make her jump. But Eppy thinks about how lonely she is and decides she will carry on walking for a while to see if can she find a friend.

Eppy keeps walking. She wishes she couldn’t hear the noise as the cars whizz up down the road and she stays very close to the hedges at the side– as far from the traffic as she can get.

Poor Eppy walks for days and days. She is getting very hungry and very thirsty. Along the way, a man who smells like rotten meat and has a very cross face tries to throw a rope around her neck and catch her but she kicks back at him and runs.

Eppy is one of the fastest horses you can imagine and although the man chases her for ages in his car, she manages to hide in behind a large tree and the man gives up.

Eventually, Eppy is so tired and so hungry she has to lie down. She finds a place under a giant hedge at the entrance to what looks like an old house. Great big tears are growing behind her eyes but she is too proud to let them drop. A horse like Eppy never, ever cries. Still, all her strength seems to have gone, so instead she starts to sleep.

She starts to dream but it’s a horrible dream about being back in her own field being chased by the cross- faced man.  The dream is so bad Eppy wakes up and tries to stand but she’s too weak. She falls back asleep and dreams the horrible dream. Then that dream goes away and she dreams about being in a beautiful forest with a lovely fresh water spring and lots of good hay to eat.

In the dream there is somebody stroking her back. It feels real like she’s not dreaming at all. She wakes up suddenly – there is a small boy looking at her.

“Hello, horse, where did you come from?” He has a nice quiet voice when he speaks.

But Eppy can barely lift her head from the ground where she is lying – she is so weak and tired.  The boy sits down beside her and strokes her gently.

“Are you hungry?” He asks.

The boy stands up and runs. Eppy feels sad because she thinks the boy has gone forever. She tries to lift her head up to see where he goes but she can’t.  She falls back asleep for a while.

She wakes up a bit later and the boy is back. He gives her some water and some hay and shyly strokes her mane.  Eppy eats the hay and drinks the water and the boy keeps stroking her.

“Stand up, horse!” Says the boy.

Eppy tries and tries to stand up but she’s still too weak.

“Please get up, please,” he says, with the saddest face Eppy’s ever seen.

Eppy doesn’t like to see her new friend looking so sad and she really wants to get to the beautiful forest of her dreams, so she tries very hard to stand.  But she feels too hot and has to lie down again.

The boy pours some water on his hand and strokes her head until it feels cooler.

“Please, horse, stand up.”

But Eppy can’t and she stays lying down. Soon, she can feel herself going fast asleep. She feels very relaxed and calm, like she is about into such a deep sleep that she might never wake up but she doesn’t feel afraid.

Suddenly she feels something wet dropping on her face. She opens her sore eyes and looks at the boy. There are huge tear drops falling from his eyes.

 “Please don’t go, horse, please, I thought we could be friends,” he begs.

Eppy realizes she might just have found the friend she wanted. She doesn’t like to see such a kind boy so unhappy and his tears make her feel so sad so she decides she is going to get up – no matter what it takes.

She moves a little bit to one side and then the other and pulls herself as hard as she can. It’s a struggle and her legs feel rubbery and weak. She realizes she must move as fast as she can to get herself to standing before the weakness comes back and she needs to lie down again.

The boy’s eyes open wider and he puts his face close to hers. Eppy can feel his warm breath on her cheek. She likes her smell – it’s like apples. Eppy loves apples. She realizes that she even though the boy is different from her – he is not even a horse, he’s a human and a very little one too, it doesn’t matter because he brought her water and food and proved he cares and that’s what’s friends do.

In one great big shuddering movement Eppy pulls herself up.  As she does, her foot slips to one side and she is about to fall right back down but she feels the boys eyes staring at her and she straightens herself up and seconds later she is up on four legs standing tall and feeling strong again.

The boy is so happy he puts his two little arms up in the air. Eppy bends down towards him so he can put his arms around her neck and give her hug.

“I wonder where you live, horse? Maybe I could come and visit you, says the boy.


I didn’t finish this story because I did this as an example of a story you can make up just from looking at a picture of the horse. However, if you want to finish this story you can.  All you have to do is ask yourself what happened next and then make something up.

Now you know what to do. So why not get cracking on your own story. You will find notes on this how to find creative writing ideas for kids page.

The main thing is that you write whatever you want. Don’t worry if you think it’s silly – you can be as silly as you want when you write stories – that’s why it’s such fun.

Best of luck with your story.
























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