Narrative Writing Prompts

hazel wood behind stone wall illustrating post with free narrative writing promptsNarrative writing prompts are prompts that trigger creative ideas and help you form new ideas.

Developing the ability to trigger new ideas for stories is essential for writers.

The quickest way to learn this skill is by doing it – so think about the sentence below:

He didn’t tell anyone where he was going.

It is a very simple sentence but start asking yourself questions.

  • Who is he?
  • Why didn’t he tell anyone he was going?
  • Where was he going?

Spend some time thinking about this and you will start to notice the basis for a story.

Much of creative writing is simply asking yourself questions. Who, what, if?

Begin developing your creative skills by reading through the narrative writing prompts below.

If you do this you will quickly find the right one.

This will be the sentence which makes you feel compelled to develop that seed of a story further

  • He didn’t tell anyone where he was going.

  • He opened the letter and quickly threw it in the fire.

  • The brick in the wall of the old house was loose.

  • The normally busy street was empty.

  • The path was blocked by a fallen tree.trees meme illustrating post with free narrative writing prompts

  • The key would no longer open the door.

  • It was two in the morning as he lay there listening to the sounds.

  • More people crammed into the stadium.

  • Five old pennies in a velvet bag.

  • She craved quietness.

  • He ran, faster than he ever believed possible.

  • She waited but nobody came.

  • He moved slowly towards the lights in the distance.

  • High up on top of a green mountain.

  • His glare was harsh as he stared at the boy.

  • The river was beginning to break its banks.

  • She wouldn’t even have time to pack.

  • The house looked different with new windows and doors.

  • The man tried to blend into the darkness, but she could see him.

Narrative writing prompts and similar exercises are the best way to develop your skills as a writer.

To help you continue to improve your skills and trigger your imagination try these creative writing exercises.

Remember practice makes perfect!

Best of luck with these exercises and all your writing.


P.S. All the creative writing tips and information are provided here free for you. All I ask is that you leave a comment in the box and like, or share so that others may learn too.

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