0wlNarrative writing prompts are prompts that suggest ideas and make you think creatively. For example, in the first sentence below: ‘He didn’t tell anyone where he was going.’ You might start your thoughts rolling by asking yourself – who didn’t tell anyone he was going?  And why didn’t he? A lot of creative writing is asking yourself questions. Who, what, if?

Try working through the narrative writing prompts below. You might find the kernel of a really good story that inspires you to think, write and develop it more. If not simply move to the next sentence and keep going, asking yourself questions about the sentence until you find a story you really want to write.


How will you know you’ve found the right story for you? You will know very quickly because you will feel compelled to write that story and you find the impetus to keep you writing regularly.

  • He didn’t tell anyone where he was going.

  • She tried to move.

  • He was trapped.

  • The path was slippy.

  • There were no cars on the street.

  • A tree had fallen.

  • The window wouldn’t lock.

  • It was four in the morning.

  • He craved quietness.

  • The crowd grew bigger and noisier. It would soon be out of control.

  • She wished she could run.

  • He never knew he could run this fast or far.

  • She waited. She wanted to tell somebody.

  • She didn’t recognize her surroundings.

  • He crawled towards the road.

  • Far into the mountains.

  • His eyes were lacked kindness.

  • The children heard nothing.

  • She didn’t have time to pack.

  • The house had changed.

  • She knew she wasn’t going to make it.

  • The man moved freely, unseen in the darkness of the bushes.

  • She wished she hadn’t opened the letter.

  • He wanted to slap her.

    I hope one of these narrative writing prompts fires your creative writing. If not, there are plenty of other suggestions to trigger your imagination and get your ideas flowing below:

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