Practical Creative Writing Exercises

If you really want to write but lack focus, or don’t know where to start, then my Practical Creative Writing Exercises work book is the book for you.


As a writer I firmly believe in the power of creative writing exercises and this book is filled with fun and exciting exercises which will help you focus in on the writing and find the stories you want to write.


Each of us has our own mental editor. The mental editor is frequently triggered when you start something new and creative. It usually takes the form of a critical voice, nagging you with doubts about your own ability – the last things you need when you want to focus on writing a story. Ultimately, your mental editor can stop you writing. It used to happen to me before I discovered how to switch it off with writing exercises.


Practical Creative Writing Exercises are designed to switch off that mental editor so you can experience the joy of ‘flow’ as you write.  I have tried these exercises with writers of all ages and experience. The exercises have been very successful in enabling writers to focus in, concentrate, and finding the story that they really want to write.


Professional writers spend time, sometimes years, developing and perfecting their work. Very few writers produce great work on their first attempt. That’s why it is important to start right now.

Using these exercises will kill off all those excuses you had for not writing and you will enjoy writing so much ,procrastination will be a thing of the past.

Practical Creative Writing Exercises is available in all digital formats on:

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All great stories start with a single word

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