Quick Social Networking

I read a very well written article this morning about quick ways to use social networking to boost your business and increase your web traffic, but well written or not, I must admit I felt irritated by it.

Quick social networking? Is there such a thing? There were thirty items on the quick list and to be honest just doing half those would take my entire day. I also noticed the importance they placed on twitter.

I admit I don’t twitter. I am sure if I did it, I would enjoy it and I have nothing against it, but it’s the time issue again. What would be the point of all that networking and twittering if I had no time or energy to write a story, or go for a walk in a beautiful place like my local Coole Park?


I enjoy social networks as much as the next person but it is another form of writing. It uses creative energy and it takes much more time than any of the social networking experts seem to suggest, or am I just slow?

The article I read today about quick social networking also said you must engage fully in your networks by responding to other people’s posts, chatting, sharing interesting news or articles, before you even think of promoting your own work.

So there’s even a pre-promotion period you must get through before you actually promote. What’s quick about any of it?

Okay, I do get it. Nobody likes spam, or link dropping. I totally agree with engaging with your networks, I even enjoy it.  It’s just that none of it is quick to me. So, I really need to know – what exactly do they mean by quick?

Best wishes


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