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blue-cloudy-skyFor my first online book publishing project I adapted some of my children’s stories. I was originally commissioned to write these stories for an RTE One radio series called Fiction Fifteen and they were recorded and broadcast some years ago.

The stories were very popular and I really enjoyed working on them. Unfortunately the radio show cancelled and at the time there was no other way for me to market the stories. Once my contract was fulfilled the rights reverted back to me so I decided to rewrite the stories, structure them into short books for children and use them for my first online book publishing project. To put it another way they are the first layer of blocks on my platform.


Because I originally conceived these stories for radio they work extremely well when read aloud and are very suited for parents who enjoy reading stories to their children and of course, children who enjoy listening. So, I gradually published the stories to Kindle.

Publishing to kindle brought a whole new learning curve. This is great fun when it goes well and not so much fun at all when it doesn’t. Marketing is my biggest hurdle as I am on the shy side.

You can’t be shy when you’re trying to sell books though, so I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone quite a bit. Yet, when I see other writers marketing their work I know I am not doing anywhere near as much as they do.

Online book publishing means a lot of extra work and new skills for a writer and I am still learning. However, learning as you go along is a lot better than waiting for opportunities that may not happen so I highly recommend this path to other writers.


The next thing I am going to do is publish an adult novel. I have finished it which is great. I feel really optimistic about it which is also great, but even so, optimism is one thing and reality is another.

I left the book aside to ‘brew’ for a while. I find leaving a story aside for at least a month is a great way to gain the distance necessary to spot flaws, or see potential for improvement.

After the brewing period ended I blew the cobwebs off the book and decided to make some changes to the structure of the story. It is often said that writing is rewriting and I totally agree. I enjoy rewriting –  once I am sure it will improve the story.


What they don’t say about re-writing is that once you realize how important it is, it’s very hard to stop. I have also heard it said that stories are never finished – just abandoned. If this story is ever going to be published it might just have to be to be ripped from my cold dead fingers…

Bye for now and good luck with your writing.






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2 Responses to Online Book Publishing

  1. Steve March 27, 2014 at 1:13 pm #

    I’ve had some luck at craft fairs. Sign up with Createspace. Order about 40 copies – the price to you is considerably less than the retail price. See if you can get a cheap or free table. Go be a presence, be affable and engaging. Discount your cover price – say $10 for your $13.99 book.

    • Grace March 27, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

      Thanks Steve, that is great advice. I will check out Createspace! Oh and the very best of luck to you with your books too!

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