So Why Do You Really Write?

Drawing of an owl - illustrating an article about why you really write.Why do you really write? Do you know?

Some of us think about this question all the time, particularly when the writing is hard going, or when we receive a particularly stinging criticism.

But despite thinking about this question a lot, most writers will answer by saying something about wanting to be published, having stories they need to tell, or wanting to be famous…

But there are other, easier ways of doing those things.

In my previous post, I discussed the idea of writing for readers and how some writers claim to write only for themselves.

But, that’s not the question I am asking here.

You may find it therapeutic, you may want to sell books and make a living, or you may even just want to pass the time.

But again, there are other therapies, other ways to make a living and other ways to pass the time.

So get that out of the way because what you need to be asking yourself is why do you choose to write.

Remember this is a choice – unless someone’s pointing a gun to your head!

For some reason, you are sitting with a laptop, or pen and paper and you are finding words from your mind and placing them on the page.

If you have put the work in to establish writing as a regular habit you are making a very specific choice.

So think about it. I can’t answer this question for you, but the answer will help you focus on what you want to get out of your writing and your career.

Oh and if you are wondering why I write? Well I’ll tell you.

Hazel trees illustrating an article about why you really writeI write because it is a compulsion.

If more than a day goes by without writing I feel guilty because I know deep down that I am wasting part of the reason I am here.

That brings me to vocation.

A bit like someone who just knows they have to be a Priest or Nun, I have an overwhelming need to write more than anything else.

I have tried other careers and without fail not one of them makes me feel the way I feel when I am writing.

So why do I write? 

Yes, I like people to read my writing and yes I like them to like my writing but apart from that, why I really write is because I have to. I absolutely have to.

That’s all from me for now. I’d love to hear why you write, so go ahead and tell me in the comments below.

Have a great weekend.


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