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Story starters are another form of creative writing prompt. They trigger your imagination and help you find the story you really want to write.

With story starters the opening of the story is already defined for you. Usually they are blue-skylaid out in a couple of sentences for you to use as your starting paragraph. Some writers find this helpful in that the story has already begun so there is no sitting and wondering how to start. Many writers find constraints help them focus and so having some story parameters in place is useful. The best way to use a story starter is to choose one quickly then start writing as fast as you can. This will help to keep your mental editor from interfering with the flow of your words. Choose one of the following. For a challenge try choosing the one you like least. You might just surprise yourself!


  • It wasn’t the knock on the door she dreaded but the sound of the footsteps walking away.

  • Knowing what was about to happen, he opened the window and jumped.

  • She climbed slowly, edging forward to the ridge, carefully feeling her way to avoid the treacherous overhang that had taken her friend.

  • He walked quickly. The lane was narrow and the houses seemed empty but he had a feeling of being watched.

  • The rain was relentless. She needed to go but she knew from experience this type of rain led to floods. She would soon be cut off.

  • He reached in his pocket for his passport. The moment he dreaded had arrived. The security man grinned and moved forward.

  • The girl struggled with the weight of the parcel she was carrying.

  • The man looked too old to be still working. She guessed he was doing it to pass the time, or was it something else?

  • The shelves were stacked high. She had never so much. It had been hidden well. Greed is good at hiding things.

  • For a successful businesswoman she seemed quiet. Perhaps that wasn’t always so. He would see how quiet she really was shortly. He had ways and would find the one that suited the occasion – he always did.

  • He wasn’t going to give up. He wasn’t built that way. They were wrong about him and he was about to show them just how wrong they were.

  • The key wouldn’t turn. Like everything else in this place the lock was frozen.

  • She remembered her father planting those trees. He never saw them grow.

  • This wasn’t the right road to take and he knew it. But there was nowhere to turn and he had no choice but to go forward. He looked behind but he couldn’t see through the fog.

  • Depending on the light of the moon she walked in the direction of the old house.

I hope you found these helpful. There are lots of ways to trigger your imagination and there are many different types of story starters and creative writing prompts on this site.

Best of luck with them.


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2 Responses to More Story Starters

  1. Mary Rose March 12, 2014 at 3:58 pm #

    Really useful. I have written non fiction all my adult life and still do, but am keen also to write fiction and ideas like this are a great stimulus, thanks!

    • Grace March 12, 2014 at 10:54 pm #

      Glad you liked it, let me know how you get on with your fiction writing!

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