Start At The End


owlThere is no rule that says you must always start work at the beginning of a story. Some writers enjoy rewinding a story – working backwards from the end until they arrive at a beginning.

As always there are no limits on creativity and these exercises are designed to be deliberately ambiguous thus allowing you enough freedom to follow your imagination wherever it may lead.

So try using these story endings as story starters and experiment as much as you want.


  • She knew they weren’t coming back. They all knew. Nobody could change that now and nobody wanted to.

  • The last stone fell on hard wood. He wiped his hand on his trousers and smiled.

  • It had been worth it she decided. At least that was something.

  • The catch on the window still stuck. The door still creaked. She no longer cared. They had saved her.

  • Forbidden she thought. What did they know – if they thought words could stop her?

  • Finally it seemed to rise. Up, over and beyond. She resisted the urge to wave. To acknowledge them was to make them real. She had never wanted that.

  • Water flowed down the hills, winding its way. It went to find the river to join it and then find the sea. The sea was where it would end.

  • He never wanted to hear that word again. It had brought him here and kept him here. He would never be free as long as that word was spoken. Now there was nobody left to speak and he was free.

  • Sands shifted and blew. The rings around the trees looked dark. It was only shadow. Dark was no more.

  • She followed the sound of the radio to its source and pulled the plug. She had no need of news now. She knew what was happening.

I hope these endings worked for you!

Best of luck with your writing.



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