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Staying Motivated

Are you having problems staying motivated? Can’t get the energy together to carry out your plans? This is how I recovered my motivation. Staying motivated isn’t usually a problem for me, although I have experienced several episodes of depression during my life and at these times motivation did become a big problem. However depression isn’t […]

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WHAT DOES A COPY EDITOR DO? The copy editor, or line editor, carries out a close concentrated inspection of the text, They seek out the ‘smaller’ errors such as grammatical, spelling, typing errors and incorrect wording etc. Some writers write very fast and others are much slower and perhaps more methodical workers. They may stop and correct […]

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DARK HUMOUR “I can hear someone screaming – that’s the last time I buy gaffer tape in the discount shop.” Did this make you laugh?  I did. I love dark humour. But, not everybody does and that’s okay. What makes us laugh?  Why is that one person can roll about laughing at something that makes another […]

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