A ghostly, Halloween story for kids, from the tiny town of Ballyyahoo in Ireland.

Sean loves Halloween and he especially loves ghost stories. He reads them every night in bed and when his mother turns off his light and tells him to go to sleep he fishes under his bed for the torch his grandad gave him and just keeps on reading!

But, one Halloween night, Sean’s Mother catches him still awake and when his book falls open at a very scary picture, she takes fright and bans Sean from reading any more scary stories.

Sean is so annoyed at being banned from reading his favourite books that he runs away! Sean runs all the way to his Grandad’s house, even though it’s a very dark night, even though there are no street lights in Ballyyahoo, and even though it’s Halloween night!

grandad reading to grandson

Image by Megan Archer

You see, Sean thinks he’s not afraid of anything, at least not until his Grandad tells him a story he never heard before. The story of the real Halloween, a true story and the scariest story Sean has ever heard.

Sean’s family has been keeping a secret. The secret of an Uncle he never knew and a dangerous place he’s never been. Sean begins to realise he just might have been wrong about not being scared of anything.


This turns out to be one Halloween story Sean will never forget! The terrifying story of the real halloween and the terrifying secret of Dancer’s Well!


For more about writing The Real Halloween click here.


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