Writer’s Block

sky reflected in a Galway lake illustrating an article about writer's blockWriter’s block can be a horrible experience for writers.

To sit down in front of your screen and find your thoughts paralyzed or swirling in an unintelligible muddle can really hurt.

There are lots of methods you can use to combat writer’s block and the best cure is exercise.

I don’t just mean going for a walk or going to the gym although these can help. Anything which calms the mind can be of great benefit.

I personally use mindfulness and mindful walking. If you would like to try mindful walking you can learn about that here.

frosty garden seat illustrating an article about writer's blockHowever, in my own personal experience of teaching creative writing I never came across anyone who wasn’t able to write when I gave them an exercise, set a timer and got them to write for ten minutes.

Creative exercises work wonders when you find yourself stuck, or blocked.

Instead of trying to pull thoughts and ideas from your head you will be stimulated by the exercise.

It will also help to consider the root cause of your writer’s block. Fear is a common cause.

Here is a short list of the fears writer’s often experience.

Fear of failure.

Fear of what my family will think.

Fear of what the critics will think.

Fear that the writing won’t be good enough.

Fear of success.


The following three steps will help you conquer your fear and help you restore the confidence to write.


This is very personal and best done alone and in writing. Only you know the answer to this and it is important to be truthful – with yourself.


If have identified a tangible fear, say for example, you fear your family’s angry reaction. Then think about how you can mitigate this. You may decide that you and only you live your life and you will live it how you choose. Or you might decide that nothing you write will hurt them. The important thing here is to have thought about your fear carefully.


Writers often find that even just writing their fears down can break them. Remind yourself that you can always write whatever you want and it is always up to you who, if anyone, sees it!


Some times we just feel unmotivated. We feel like we need something, anything – to just give us that kick-start we need.

Sometimes we just need a rest.

If you are tired the only cure is rest – don’t be afraid to rest, you and your body need it.

If you don’t feel tired I recommend you try reading about motivation.


Another problem that causes writer’s block is procrastination. Sometimes we find excuses not do the things we need to do. Writers are notorious procrastinators.

If your problem is not carrying out your plans or finding excuses not to then this post here will help you.

Best of luck with your writing.


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