owlI am just getting this post finished in time to catch the very end of January – illness slowed me down a bit but I am much better now.

This year isn’t a year for resolutions as far as I am concerned but I always do a little bit of mental stocktaking and looking back at the start of a new year, or in my case – the end of January.

Last year, like the year before, was a bumpy year.  There was my accident, immobility, stress, recovery, illness, sadness, family problems, and other worries, yet, last year was also the happiest year of my life so far!


A lot of that happiness came from feeling creatively satisfied. For me this helps me with all those other problems. I have also discovered that in order to feel creatively satisfied I need to write all the time and garden all the time.


Impossible huh?  Okay I agree, plus there are a few other things I enjoy doing as well, like walking, reading, watching film and drama. I won’t go on as this is starting to sound like a boring CV.


So, unable to write and garden all the time I satisfy my creative needs by doing both as much as I can. If I get a bit of decent weather I garden until I’m too stiff to do any more and then I write.

There is a lot of bad weather here in Galway and I admit I get stiff after a few hours so I spend a lot more time writing than I do gardening. This works out very well as I have got to pay bills too.

Last year I started to write about gardening on my gardening blog and I have found this a great way to combine the two.

I suppose the key for me has been to pursue my passions relentlessly and not to let the other stuff get in the way.

Have you done any mental stocktaking? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Bye for now


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2 Responses to WRITER’S DIARY 2014

  1. Brigid November 12, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    Great to have found this website. We would-be writers face the dilemma of needing to spend a lot of time alone, writing, but also need to be out there seeing what is going on in the world. And it is very supportive to be in touch with other writers, which again can be difficult if you are the only one in your social circle who wants to write. So more power to your elbow ( or maybe keyboard fingers). Thanks for putting up this site.

    • Grace November 12, 2014 at 4:01 pm #

      Hi Brigid,
      Thanks for commenting. You are right about the dilemma. Personally I have found this site and the Internet a great way to make contact with other writers and comments like yours help me keep going, so thanks a million and best of luck with your writing.

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