Too Many Experts

If you have been following this, or any of my other blogs you will probably know how much I love writing – all types of writing: fiction, non-fiction, adults, children’s and in most formats or genre.

I also enjoy developing the sites and blogs and learning the ins and outs of the technical side of WordPress, Seo – all of it.

cartoon-girl-lifting-booksHowever, and it is a big however, I am realistic and don’t mind admitting I find the technical side of blogging a bit difficult.  Sometimes I get stuck on something simple and find myself in a technical muddle.

In starting my sites I have made a decision to learn as much as I can and do as much of the work possible, at first, in order to retain my independence and increase my knowledge. I am partially deaf and find classrooms situations difficult so I learn best by reading and doing.

When I am at the stage where I can delegate and hire someone to do the work (the technical/SEO work – not the writing, never the writing) I will be gladly doing this. I am hoping this won’t take long.

In the meantime I am really happy to find social networks such as GooglePlus brimming with experts who, like me, are happy to share their knowledge and it is great to have somewhere ask questions.

We are all doing the same thing – sharing our experience and wisdom. When I post an article I am very happy to answer questions about it. Actually I am delighted! If I wasn’t I wouldn’t post.

So I do wonder why so many of the blogging experts post their articles and then disappear, sometimes popping up again to add + to any praise they have received.


Still, it is also great to have so many communities to ask questions in and I thought I was in luck when I found some WordPress and Seo communities to join. Except for one thing. When I asked questions about WordPress or SEO very few were answered.  We can’t all be here all the time but surely there’s someone around some of the time?


Many communities seem to be full of experts recommending themselves, recommending each other, praising themselves, or each other and constantly telling us how awesome they are.

Lest you think I am being unfair here I have received some great assistance from some experts on Google Plus and I always show my appreciation through my comments and by sharing their work. But still, given the volume of experts it is surprising how few of them actually really and truly engage.  Maybe you can have too many experts!

Anyway, back to what I know and do best, writing and don’t forget if you have any comments or questions I will do my very best to help.

Bye for now,








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