Valentine’s Day And My Green Heart

Talk about conflict. Some people say Valentine’s Day is over commercialised, while some people love the chance to express their romantic side. As for me, well I agree – with both.

green-mossy-heartFor me, it’s not about sitting on the fence in an argument; it’s just that I really like getting presents for Valentine’s Day. I can’t help it. In fact I like getting presents very much! I just don’t like enormous stuffed toys and cards, or manufactured type presents like pink heart-shaped pillows, or heart-shaped chocolate lumps, or teddies holding hearts, or any of that crap that marketing people seem to feel compelled to churn out year after year. But it’s nothing to do with the heart shape itself.  iI do actually like the shape of a heart! What I don’t like is the cynical way the shape is used to sell rubbish. Rubbish that has nothing to do with love.

So, when I was out walking with my dogs and my tiny puppy, Eppie, sniffed her way to this mossy heart on one of Galway’s many rocks I have to say I couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you like my mossy heart and I hope you have a great day today – however you plan to spend it.

Best of luck with your writing too!






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