How To Have Ideas

sunset over sea illustrating article about how to have creative writing ideasIt’s not difficult to generate creative writing ideas once you know a few techniques.

There are many ways of doing this.

Some people use magazines and newspapers; scouring them for headlines that suggest enticing stories. I have even heard of people using the bible.

Personally I find ideas everywhere!

Unless you spend your entire life locked in a small, grey room with no windows you cannot fail to be surrounded by ideas.

In fact, even if you are locked in a small grey room your mind will generate ideas. When I was confined to my house, unable to walk following an accident I can honestly say I had more ideas than I have had in my entire life.


The problem is that most of the time we are not paying attention to what is going on around us.

We are so absorbed by our own thoughts that our ideas are trapped in a whirl of meaningless and repetitive thought.


We all struggle with stress and worry but by simply practicing awareness and becoming aware of your surroundings by listening and looking is a great way to still the mind.

A still mind alleviates our worries and allows the mind to generate more creative ideas.

If you want to learn more about this ‘mindfulness’ I highly recommend reading Anthony de Mello’s amazing book  ‘Awareness.’

In my opinion Awareness is the best book on the subject.

It is a straight forward, plain speaking, no-frills, or waffle guide to awareness.

I only wish everyone would read it – it certainly opened my eyes…and ears.

Awareness is great for helping us to move away from the endless loop of our own thoughts.

Those who can do this will not only notice a crack in the pavement; they will also somehow manage to conjure that simple crack into a story – even a book or screenplay!


Most of us have no idea how much we can notice when we are paying attention.

Have you ever stood still and simply looked around you – not to find something or someone but just to simply see what’s there? 

You might like to read more about paying attention and observational walking.

Have you ever just listened for the sake of listening?

Most of us are either working, on the internet, watching television or film, listening to music, radio or a podcast, or we are in transit with little time to look and listen.

It really is worth taking a moment or two to be still and pay attention.

Allowing your mind to attend to your surroundings without purpose is a great way of allowing it to generate new ideas.

This is also an excellent way of relaxing so you can focus well when you return to work on your writing – or anything else for that matter!


Often we are not aware of how many ideas we already have.

Sometimes we have ignored some of our best ideas because we have not recognized their potential and have therefore failed to develop them.

Recognizing good ideas is a skill that comes from experience.

You will learn to do this through writing regularly. But, to help you, I have devised techniques to speed up this process that really work.

Click any of the following links below to find them.

Creative writing activities

Creative writing exercises.

The techniques are all outlined for you and simply explained. If you have a question simply ask me in the comments box below and I will be happy to help you.

Best of luck with your writing.


P.S. Please note that I am affiliate for Anthony de Mello’s wonderful book. This means I receive a tiny commission if you buy it. There is no extra cost to you whatsoever and your click helps me continue to provide all the free information, help and advice I provide here.

However, I must emphasize that I am only affiliated to books that I have personally read and I strongly recommend this as a must-have book for writers.








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