How To Write For Children

painting of two little girls sitting on a tree branch illustrating an article about how to write for childrenTHE MINDSET OF THE WRITER

There are many theories on the subject of how to write for children, but first you should think about why you want to write for children.

You can be an expert in the nuts and bolts of children’s writing but you may not enjoy writing the stories – in that case it will show in your work.

In my opinion the most important thing about writing for children is that you should enjoy it.


If you are ‘settling for,’ ‘lowering yourself,’ or ‘forcing yourself’ to write for children, then that will be obvious in your writing.

There are lots of other types of writing you can do, so why waste your time on something to which you are not suited?

I wrote children’s stories for RTE Radio here in Ireland for two years and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent writing them.

I was paid to write the stories but it wasn’t my only motivation. My biggest motivation was a compulsion to write.

I loved writing these stories and I was lucky I found an outlet for my stories and thankfully they were very popular.


Some people read about a children’s writer getting a large advance and this motivates them into deciding they will write for children.

Money may motivate some people into starting but unfortunately it rarely motivates anyone to finish. If money was the best motivator – everybody would be writing.


There has to be something else and that something else that drives a writer. What drives me is a burning desire to tell a story that people will enjoy.

Many parents make up stories to tell their children and when they see the delight on their children’s faces they begin to think maybe they should change their career.

It is absolutely wonderful that parents make up stories for children, and children love this but I am afraid it does not mean that writing for children should become your new career.

Painting of a mother and daughter walking through the woods illustrating an article about how to write for childrenWRITING FOR YOUR OWN CHILDREN

Your own children are biased. It is not just your story they are enjoying, but your company, your voice and your undivided, loving attention.

However, if you have been writing children’s stories for some time and are continually making notes with ideas for stories as well, then maybe you are someone who should write for children. But, only you can answer that honestly.

Writing for children is wonderful.

In fact it is hard to describe just how enjoyable it can be. Remember though that, all writing takes time and effort and you should only write for children if you love writing and have a wonderful story you are absolutely dying to tell.

If this describes you then you will have a fantastic time writing for children and the pages below will help you get started.


  1. Writing for children
  2. Choosing your themes
  3.  How to create a story

In addition to reading the above, I strongly suggest learning about the most common mistakes writers make.

I have made this easier by making a short list of five simple rules and you will find them on this page.

Best of luck with your writing.

P.S. All the information and help on this site is provided free for you. All I ask is that if  you found this useful, please leave a comment, share, or like this page. If you have any questions I will do my best to help.




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